Olympic Peninsula Adventure Engagement Session


Chelsea & Peter

Lovers of cinema, board games, writing and adventure. We went on a grand trek around the Olympic Peninsula and spent a night in a cabin in Forks. (Did not run into any vampires, thank goodness!) Watching the way these two love each other and the way they mutually love Ollie the pup made me fall in love with them. 

At the time, Peter was working nightshift. Upon arriving at the cabin, he promptly took a nap before we began at sunset while Chelsea and I played board games and did a mini photo session. It was magical- and not because I won all the board games- but because we had time to sit and get to know each other really well before going out and shooting. That is always a pleasure and adds to the photos we make together.

We went everywhere! Ocean, forest, fields, waterfalls and of course the city all topped off with a delicious pretzel and some beer. The whole adventure was absolutely delightful. After everything we did, they were still down for more photos, they did everything I asked of them with smiles on their faces- unless I asked them not to smile- and now we’re actually friends that hang out and- you guessed it- play board games, talk about films (most of which I haven’t seen) and go on adventures. (In board game shops! :D)

Also- I’ve you’ve spoken with me recently you know I’m crazy for Riverdale right now- that is all Chelsea’s fault. 100% blame her. <3

Enjoy these two being perfect.