Stylish Seattle Courthouse Elopement


Kailey and Sean are amazing. They wanted a wedding just for them- only them. They invited their friend Jenny so they would have the minimum number of witnesses (and because Jenny is super rad and a great friend!) and the four of us went on our adventure. As you can see, we met a cute dog, found some street art, a rad rainbow wall, met a photogenic homeless man (not pictured) and got these two cuties eloped. 

They are a beautiful example of making your elopement special without going crazy over the top or spending thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Kailey and Sean connected with my work so we met up for coffee after I had a long morning of hiking and photographing in the snow. I immediately understood what they wanted, how personal and intimate they wanted their courthouse ceremony to be and how I could help.

Kailey found herself this badass jumpsuit that paired nicely with a the houndstooth coat she already owned. The day of their elopement she got her hair and make up done by a pro, bought a beautiful collection of flowers from Pike Place and bam! She’s ready for her wedding. And of course, Sean has this snazzy suit that he can wear anywhere again and again after his wedding day as well! 

An elopement can be wild and over the top just like a wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. (Though you know I’m fully down to be climbing some mountains carrying all kinds of delightful things for an epic adventure). You can have your special day super low stress and easy and still make it stunning. And of course, so incredibly stylish. Just look at Kailey? Don’t you want to look as badass as Kailey?? I do.