Intimate City Courthouse Elopement


Meet Liliana & James. Their story is not mine to tell but what I will say is that they have gone through so much to come to this point in their lives- to this intimate, romantic elopement with just their closest family as witnesses. They wanted to keep it simple and elegant, get married at the courthouse and then have a fabulous night of celebration with their loved ones. 

They chose to do something very unique that most brides and grooms choose not to do: They got ready together. For those eloping (also having full weddings) this is such an intimate way to start your wedding experience. You begin your day together instead of apart, no separation. They helped each other with all the details like buttoning up her dress, his cufflinks and suspenders, and topped it off with a quick drink before we ventured off into the city to walk over to the courthouse. A lot of brides feel that they would miss that wow moment of her fiance seeing her for the first time on their wedding day, but look at James in the following images. I don’t think that’s the case.

 Instead of a wow moment, it was a pile of moments where through every little touch and each loving glance there was something more intimate happening that resulted in lots of joy throughout the process of getting ready.

While getting ready together certainly isn’t for everyone, I highly recommend talking it over with your partner to see if this lovely, more intimate experience is one you would like to share.

 A beautiful alternative to getting ready together is getting ready with one parent or a best friend instead of a whole group. The plus sides of getting ready with one other person instead of a all your bridesmaids and all your groomsmen are 1. Intimacy- as you can see, I’m a huge fan of intimate, personal moments. They result in beautiful memories and beautiful photos. 2. Less clutter in your getting ready space. The fewer the people, the fewer the bags. (if you do get ready with a group of people, designate a space for all the stuff to keep your photos clean and elegant). 3. Additional humans can equal additional stress. You have enough going on during your wedding day that sometimes getting ready with a bunch of other people can drive those stress levels through the roof. 

This isn’t to say don’t get ready with all your girls or all your guys, but this non-traditional approach can be a great option for a lot of couples that one might not think to consider without seeing it first. 

So as you think all of this over, check out this stunning couple and their courthouse elopement! 

Zoe BurchardComment