Nighttime Adventure Around Ballard With Friends


This is Esther and Michael. They are not dating and they never will be. They are two of my good friends from high school bonded together through Japanese class, dancing, and a mutual love of art (and boys?? probably not that part.) This adventure was a couple nights before Michael headed off to live in Chicago. 

Esther and I left first. We went together to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago- she studied illustration (and is currently a damn good tattoo artist) and I studied photography and fashion. We lived together, slept in an Ikea child sized bunk bed (neither of us are particularly tall) and were mothers to two adorable rats, Charlotte and Penelope. 

The first time I really got to know Michael was on our class trip to Japan. Esther and I were in a higher level Japanese class at the time, so I hadn’t met Michael yet. On the school trip, however, we became friends. Michael made me laugh harder than probably anyone in high school ever did and he still makes me laugh. I almost got hit by a bus in Japan I was laughing so hard at one of his jokes, delivered with flawless precision.

Now Esther lives up North and Michael lives in Chicago. I rarely see either of them so I wanted to get together while we were all in the same place and document our friendship the same way we've been documenting it since day 1- those two being cute in front of the camera while I’m behind it. They've both been modeling for me for more than 10 years now. It took me this long to realize how present I am in the photos as well. The goal was to document the whole weird, group dynamic we have and it's there in every photo.

Esther and Michael have given me so many gifts throughout the years with their friendship, talents and by letting me be part of this crew. I love them more than words can express so please enjoy their beautiful faces. 

It was a great night.

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