Delightful Anniversary Farm Adventure


Wendy & Debbie!! 

Hair and Make up by Sarah Piha Hair & Make Up Design

Look at these delightful farm ladies living their best lives with their chickens, goats, ducks, horses, silkies, geese, cats and pups! 

Engagement sessions don’t have to be some place you’ve never been- they can be right in your backyard. Your backyard where you play with your animals, where you kiss each other goodbye before work, have bon fires with friends, have cookouts for family. If you've been following along with my blog posts, you know I love intimacy. I love it when couples take the time to focus on the heart of why they are getting married or why they got married- it’s love. When love is the center of everything a photo session is more than pictures.

This is Wendy & Debbie’s 10th wedding anniversary. 

As my good friend Sarah Piha was setting up her hair and make up kit in the kitchen, Wendy and Debbie took me on a journey through their lives via their hallway. Photos of their wedding, their engagement, photos of family trips, stunning glamour shots of Debbie when she was younger, Wendy and her son, the whole family with the horses. It nearly brought me to tears (NO SURPRISE THERE!) to see this visual archive of all these lives on display for complete strangers like me to experience. Seeing all that and knowing these 10 year anniversary photos would hang along side such treasured memories gave a lot of weight to what I was doing there that day. I had an important job not just to take good photos but to capture this specific period of their love- not their lives- but what their love is at this moment.

What does that love look like? 

Wendy taking me on a tour of her farm- her pride and joy. Showing me the chickens, explaining all the different breeds. Telling me about the goose who protects the chickens and keeps everyone in line. Debbie talking about their relationship, her eyes lighting up explaining how Wendy was such a light and a welcome change in her life when they met all the way til now. They shared their joy with me, they shared some of the darkness with me. In the short few hours we spent together they both opened up to me and allowed me to see who they are inside.

So please enjoy this snippet of their love, this beautiful moment in their lives where everything is just so and the adventure we had together.

Happy 10th anniversary, Wendy & Debbie!

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