Welcome to Twin Peaks


Oh! Hello there, I didn’t see you. Have I introduced myself? No? How rude!

I’m Zoe Burchard, Seattle’s premiere Twin Peaks Adventure Session photographer. Do you love Twin Peaks? Do you want to feel like someone ripped you from time and space and thrust you through the Black Lodge, out the other side and into the mysterious town of Twin Peaks, Washington? Do you need a damn good cup of coffee and some cherry pie? Would you like a demonic entity to force itself inside of you and take control of your body? Look no further, you’ve found me!

I have a super power. When I get an inquiry, I can always tell if someone is subtly trying to tell me that they desperately want to do a Twin Peaks photoshoot, even if they don’t say it out loud. Tera wasn’t afraid and explained to me exactly what she was after so we spent the day making art together and getting a little weird.


During an adventure session, you can choose to go anywhere in Washington state, and to as many locations as your heart desires. Tera and I started at Snoqualmie falls, then went to Franklin Falls, grabbed some lunch at Twede’s in North Bend, headed back to Gold Creek Pond, brief stop at DirtFish (Twin Peaks sheriff station and the old mill) and then went on to Hotel Sorrento. It was a gorgeous Washington day with so much adventure and excitement. We got lucky at pretty much every location that there were very few people around. How did we get so lucky? WEEKDAY ADVENTURE! :) If you want to have a nice private shoot, weekdays starting at sunrise will give you the best chance. Check out more of our Twin Peaks exploration.


Catching up on old episodes of Welcome to Nightvale I heard the ad for Twin Peaks, the Return. I had heard of Twin Peaks before but never given it a second thought. Immediately assuming the ads were old and the show had long passed, I ignored them. After listening to a few more episodes and hearing the ads I realized The Return hadn’t yet aired- now was my time to start the original series and catch up!

Onto the Twin Peaks wagon I jumped- terrified and ready for it. I fell in love almost immediately. I was petrified and couldn’t move from my chair, but this show was so Washingtonian and creepy and strange and art school. It sucked me in and now whenever someone wants to do a Twin Peaks themed shoot I jump at the chance.


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