Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Mom


I had the awesome opportunity to go on an adventure with my mom! She always wanted to see the leaves change colors on the east coast. If you live here in Washington, you know most of our trees are evergreens. The east coat is famous for their colorful autumn season and stunning deciduous trees.

So off we went! Mother daughter adventure! Well… we arrived in the evening picked up a car and headed out from the Boston airport to Lenox, Massachusetts. It was so dark we couldn’t see anything. As I drove I somehow managed to see a fox for the first time in the wild and that was thrilling! Mom, however, missed the fox and we continued on to food. We found a small house that boasted a colorful speakeasy past with small rooms, wooden tables and an eclectic array of old chairs. It was a perfect spot to chow down on some salmon and get stoked for the next day.


Our room was not quite what we expected- a bathtub in the ‘kitchen’ area. That’s fine. It was meant for honeymooners not us, but we did have a swell four poster bed that both of us- not even 5 foot tall women- had to use a ladder to climb into. We had time to explore in the morning and see exactly where we were staying.


Day 1 it poured like it was trying to be Seattle or something.


It really did feel like home.


We went for food, got our nails done (it was pouring! Don’t judge us!), watched some Golden Girls and went to bed.

Day 2 I achieved something I thought not possible- I got Mom out hiking! Mom is not lazy by any means, but she has some health problems that make it hard for her to do lots of physical activity so we don’t to share a love of hiking, but she does enjoy getting out there and experiencing the world. We came across a kind lady who informed us there was a very steep hill at the beginning of the trail, almost straight up- then the trail would flatten out until you reached the peak. This kind lady has clearly never been to the west coast. The incline ‘straight up’ was maybe a 45 degree angle. Mom climbed it like champ.


There was a little bit of color, but not the vibrant reds and oranges we were hoping for. That’s not to say we didn’t totally enjoy ourselves and have a great experience, but I’m not gonna lie. When we got home we were blown away by the rainbow of colors that Washington State was showing for fall. I don’t remember it ever being so beautiful.


This was only the beginning of our adventure! More to come~

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