Intimate Proposal in Discovery Park


On a beautiful Thursday afternoon my dad (my decoy) and I waited behind a tree at Discovery park waiting for Matthew and Chaney to arrive. Matthew and I had planned everything the day before so we were ready! Matthew, a wedding photographer from Nevada was excited and nervous to be propsing to his long distance girlfriend Chaney and I was stoked to be part of it!

They walked down the path, off to the side where they would have a little privacy away from other park goers. Chaney laughed and smiled so I knew everything was going well. She leaned ddown to be on Matthew’s level when he was on his knees and he showed her the ring that her mother and sister helped pick out. I was probably crying.

If you’re going to propose and you want photos, plan it out with your photographer. Get you a bottle of champagne, make it an experience, an adventure. Have fun with it and give a little speech even if you’re nervous. Write something down about how you feel about your partner, write your honest to goodness heart onto a piece of paper and if you have to read it, that’s okay. 

Proposals are different for every couple. Special is sometimes an epic hot air balloon ride, but it can also be cuddling on the couch with all of your animal children watching a movie. 

Do it your way, but make sure it’s special in a way that you and your partner will remember and have joy remembering. 

Zoe BurchardComment