Chris & Jarek- Romantic Orcas Island Elopement


It was perhaps the most Washington day of the year. By that I mean- it was cloudy, it was raining, it was dark and it was perfect. Two men, so sweetly in love, traveled to a land far from Tacoma- Orcas Island- with a sister, two friends and an odd duck of a photographer who couldn’t hold her liquor so good. It was a romantic elopement until it was a wild, hilarious adventure.

Chris & Jarek- silly, delightful and romantic humans.

The first time we met was at a picnic table by the duck pond at Point Defiance. How perfect a first meeting- outside on an uncharacteristically 'nice' Washington day. I had the pleasure of learning about Chris and Jarek’s adventures together, their love of the outdoors and animals and all about their plans to elope. I was on board the moment I saw them in the park. I could tell there was something special there and I wasn’t wrong.

Flash forward to that most delightful Washington day on which they were wed. Being me, the crazy person obsessed with sunrise, we woke at an ungodly hour despite the weather report saying rain with a capital R. It was nothing a bunch of Washingtonians couldn’t handle. The guys let me know they were getting ready where I got to join them in their sleepy state while they got all fancy for our short hike through the forest to the spot we had found the day before. They were clearly excited, maybe a little nervous, and already having a lot of fun. 

We trekked through the forest, all 6 of us. Everyone had something to say during the ceremony and I think we all cried, we all laughed and it couldn’t have been more them. 

Cake and mimosas (specialty mimosas by Jarek) were served cliffside to all in attendance. We joked about if I fell off the cliff would my fee still need to be paid? No- just make sure you grab the camera before I fall! (I didn’t fall, I also have a very open sense of humor so I was not bothered by this- I encourage such jokes 'cause I’m about half a penny off). No one died and that was great. A small dance party happened, photos were taken and we trekked back. 

Chris, Jarek and I split off from the pack and headed up a mountain somewhere to a stunning viewpoint characteristically covered in fog- which did not disappoint any of us. 

My description makes it all feel a little clinical, but this day was so joyful, filled with merriment and laughter. 

Chris and Jarek (with help) prepared breakfast burritos and Bloody Marys for everyone (this is where I got a little spacey). By then, the guys had changed into more comfortable clothes and shared their first dance in a t-shirt, pants and a blue onesie. Also on a chair with wheels. Again, it was perfect. 

The love in my heart that I have for these two is hard to describe. I so seriously fall in love with all of my couples. Getting to spend the night in a cabin with them and their awesome family (by blood or by choice) was a magical experience. Witnessing them get married in the woods on a cliff, hearing them talk about loving each other forever- I can’t keep typing or I’ll just cry a whole lot and I already cried today. (Watching Five Feet Apart cause again, problems.)

So thanks for reading, check out these stunning gentlemen and their awesome Orcas Island Elopement!

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