Walking Through the City at Night


Not every photoshoot has to have an occasion. :) Ash, Allan, Brie and I went for this adventure seeking light and love and found both in every corner of the city. Brie and I photographed these two as we wandered aimlessly about the streets of Seattle on a chilly November night.

I know Ash- we’ve (attempted to) hike together, we’ve met up and chatted and certainly talked online. I had only heard wonderful things about Allan, though we hadn’t met. There was no way for me to know how they would be together let alone in front of a camera. As you can see, they look like professional models up there being all cute and cuddly in public with seemingly zero qualms about it. I love that. I love them. Check out our meandering.



  1. Go down the creepy staircase into the doorway

  2. Try not to get murdered

  3. Dance with her

  4. But so I can see someone’s face

  5. Brie: Now push her down. On the ground. Just push her right on the ground.

(or something along this line?)

(But it worked, yo. It really worked.)


Pike Place Market is one of my favorite places to visit at night. Like a lot of people my age, I’m a little afraid of large crowds of bustling people. I prefer to be with an intimate group or one other person. Pike Place during the day is a crazy beautiful mess of tourists, locals and vendors. At night it transforms into this incredible collection of empty spaces, tables, shapes and lots of lights. You’re left with the cleaning crew, the few stragglers that missed the fish show (the fish vendors throw fish and it’s a big deal- check it out if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and weird photographers that drag cute couples there to make pictures. If you’ve never experienced Pike Place Market at night, I highly recommend it (and I would love to show it to you! ;) )


Really with the fries, people? Never a dull moment in Seattle. Certainly not with Ash and Allan.