A Winter Adventure in Kanab, Utah


Here is a little winter diddy for those of you dreading summer. (I know there are only roughly two of us that dread summer, but this is for you!)

Jon and I don’t frequently get to travel together the way we used to when he had a super flexible job, I could buy plane tickets and surprise him with a trip in two weeks and it wouldn’t be a problem. This was one of those spur of the moment ‘Let’s go to Utah!’ trips. Neither of us had been before, there was a Hot Air Balloon festival and a workshop with a photographer that I admire. The stars were aligned perfectly so we did it.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the desert. As I’m sure you’ve grasped, summer weather and heat are not my cup of tea. Being raised in the lush, green Pacific Northwest, I’m obsessed with our mountains, trees, the ocean- things you don’t find in the desert. You won’t see me walking around with cacti on my shirt, succulents in my home, or any kind of welcome mat that insinuates that I’m excited about the sunshine. I love our rain, our grey skies, and the cold.

So when we arrived in Utah to the most delightful sight of snow everywhere I was elated. I couldn’t imagine seeing the desert in a more perfect way. While it still had that classic Utah red rock feel, it was all lightly dusted in the most perfect blanket of snow that gave depth and magic to the scenery. As you can imagine, I’m now crazy about Utah because I was so lucky to witness it in this way (and lucky Jon was there to drive us through the maybe slightly slippery roads).

We arrived in Salt Lake City, got ourselves a Turo car and drove the 5 hours south to Kanab. Kanab, you see, had not yet received the great blessing that is snow. So for the evening on our short hike to the top of one of these red rock bad boys we got to witness the desert in it’s full glory. Stunning- absolutely stunning.

When we woke up in the morning, Santa Clause had come. There was snow everywhere. This meant two things, I would get to see a hot air balloon festival in the snow and that those hot air balloons would not have visibility to actually go up in the air. No big deal. Jon and I go with the flow. We certainly were not disappointed. The landscape kept changing before us with fog, snow, sun- it was some kind of beautiful magic happening before us that we weren’t even upset about the hot air balloons not launching.

The whole trip was a really special, slightly less than 48 hour adventure that was a wonderful taste of the beauty in Utah. We 100% cannot wait to go back. I just hope we get to see it in the snow again!