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Every time a name is shared a bond of fate is created.
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Partner's name
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Phone Number
I promise I will not spam you with calls. I will always schedule calls in advance. :)
Sometimes I cannot even find myself... this is a miracle.
Is a session on Mt. Rainier catching your eye, a beach elopement, a board game bar engagement session... a lifestyle portrait session at Sugar and Spoon- a fabulous cookie dough food truck? A boudoir session in an airplane?
Preferred Shoot Date
Preferred Shoot Date
Because if we plan your whole wedding, get ready to shoot it but find out I had been contracted to take the one ring to Mount Doom, we might be in trouble.
Or the place you've been dreaming to be photographed for years and years! With a little magic- anything is possible.
Why do you want to work with me on this, the most specialist of days?



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