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Hey! I’m Zoe Burchard, a Seattle-based elopement and wedding photographer with a passion for turning your intimate moments into lasting memories.


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Calling all adventurous and fun-loving couples!

Yours is a love without limits… that goes beyond convention… to create a union that’s uniquely you. Photography is simply a means to capturing that magic - turning it into something tangible that you can turn to for years to come.

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What inspires my photography?

Photography is my heart and soul. I am driven by my desire to work alongside couples who go against the grain and dare to do things differently.

I prefer to look beyond the “grand gestures” of larger weddings and focus on those more intimate, nearly unseen moments when two souls come together. A look. A touch. A shadow. So much can be said in a simple gesture.

I am also in awe of the many beautiful destinations that couples choose - and I aim to create a picture that captures all the important elements of the location, their personalities, and their relationship.


Are you an adventurer at heart?

No matter where my photography takes me, I am inspired by the many backdrops that couples choose for their elopement or wedding. If you would rather spend your wedding day walking along the shore or hiking up a mountain, then I am called to work with you.

I travel around the Pacific Northwest and beyond to follow your journey and be there for those perfect moments. Take your love to the destination of your dreams… and let me handle the rest!


Sound like you?
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