About Zoe

Hey! I’m Zoë, your fun loving, Seattle-based, cookie dough obsessed elopement and wedding photographer with a passion for turning your wedding experience into an epic adventure!

hand sketched trees

I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it”


In a land far, far away in good old Washington State I was brought into the world (on what I would say was a rainy fall day, but was probably not). I think I fell in love with photography & love at the same time. Remember when Titanic came out? Well I was into that shit hard. Jack and Rose were my jam. Poor artist man meets rich tortured-soul lady- perfect way to begin a love story. Soon after the release of Titanic was my first family trip to my ancestral land of Turkey, during which I was given a camera to document my adventures. These photos have since been lost, but I assume I was probably a genius of some kind? I’m talkin’ loads of feet photos, probably some plants and a cloud or two along with some good old fashioned Turkish Ruins. Pure art we’re talkin’ about here, people! This was the beginning of my future love of photography.

Fast forward to middle school- was 100% going to be the next Avril Lavigne. You can see how that worked out. Thankfully I rediscovered photography and resumed my genius art making by documenting many more clouds and flowers. During high school I attended several art camps to hone my vast, varied array of artistic inclinations, including a summer photography course at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where I later studied fashion & photography. It was only after I had graduated college, when I sat back at home in my parents house with my partner Jon wondering what I should do with my life when Jon so brilliantly said “You should be a photographer.” I mean, that had been the plan all along but I didn’t think one could just be a photographer. And so that’s exactly what I did in 2015- I became a photographer.

Since then I have photographed many incredible humans that have enriched my life greatly. I have photographed artists, writers, mothers, fathers, lovers, couples, cats, dogs, shampoo… so many people and things and I’m grateful for every person who has trusted me with creating for them. Love was the natural course of my photography as love has always been at the center of my world- at many of our worlds I’m sure. As a child I was obsessed with romance, Jack Dawson being my earliest fictional crush. It was beautiful. When the little boy in The Princess Bride said “not another kissing book!” I said, “Please, another kissing book!” And so here I am today, surrounding myself with love, documenting love and hopefully spreading love to everyone I meet along the way.

Things I love most:

My partner Jon

Our two chinchillas: Potato & Tomato

Our two cats: Biscuit & Turnip

My family: Mom, Dad & Alex

Cookie dough: Otis Spunkmeyer to be specific, but Pillsbury will do in a pinch.

Hiking & long walks

Mount Rainier (the only tattoo I have, by the incomparable Esther Ro)

Traveling (Specifically Turkey, Ireland & Japan)

Chasing sheep around Wales

Admiring chickens

Board games (Current favorite: Quacks of Quedlinburg)

Rain, because I’m a right proper, full blooded Washingtonian


let the beauty we love be what we do

An Adventurer at Heart

No matter where my photography takes me, I am inspired by the incredible couples that come my way. Couples that go against the grain, dare to do things differently, and invite me along for the ride fill me with joy and give me purpose.

If you've chosen an adventure to express your love-- whether you're planning an elopement, destination wedding, or intimate ceremony-- I will capture the emotions your day evokes through authentic, passionate photographs.

I look beyond the grand gestures of large weddings and focus on those more intimate, nearly unseen moments when two souls come together. If you would rather spend your wedding day walking through a forest or hiking up a mountain, then let me help make that dream come true!

My clients and I hike trails, climb mountains, and tread through snow to get to the heart of where your love thrives.

Feeling a little camera shy? We’re going to dance that out of you. Don’t like to dance? We’ll just hang out and chat until you forget I even have a camera, maybe even play a few board games until it feels like we’re a group of old friends.

This isn’t just about capturing sweet photographs, it’s about making hella rad memories.


Let's get to know each other!

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