About Zoe

Hey! I’m Zoë Burchard, a Seattle-based elopement and wedding photographer with a passion for turning your wedding day into an epic adventure!

hand sketched trees

I’m not afraid to get a little mud on my shoes.


My clients and I hike trails, climb mountains, and tread through snow to get to the heart of where your love thrives.

Feeling a little camera shy? We’re going to dance that out of you. Don’t like to dance? We’ll just hang out and chat until you forget I even have a camera, and it feels like we’re a group of old friends.

This isn’t just about capturing sweet photographs, it’s about making hella rad memories.

let the beauty we love be what we do

An Adventurer at Heart

No matter where my photography takes me, I am inspired by the incredible couples that come my way. Couples that go against the grain, dare to do things differently, and invite me along for the ride fill me with joy and give me purpose.

If you've chosen an adventure to express your love-- whether you're planning an elopement, destination wedding, or intimate ceremony-- I will capture the emotions your day evokes through authentic, passionate photographs.

I look beyond the “grand gestures” of large weddings and focus on those more intimate, nearly unseen moments when two souls come together. If you would rather spend your wedding day walking through a forest or hiking up a mountain, then let me help make that dream come true!


Let's get to know each other!

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