Welcome to my Journal!

Hello New friends!

You've found my journal. I'm not much of a writer, but as you can see- I love pictures. In this space you can get to know me through photographs and the occasional collection of curated conversation. 

Here are some photos so you can get to know me a little before I come into your life and make pictures of your face and the stuff that makes you you.

So you see me with one of the Parrot Lady's parrots on my head. If an animal will stay on my head, I will put it on my head. The reason you see my Chinchilla, Potato, in my arms is because he won't stay on my head. Little escape artist...

That third photo is me with a sunset on my face. I make an effort to wake up for both sunrises and see the sunset whenever possible. Would you like your photoshoot to be at sunrise or sunset? Either is perfect for me!

Next is Jon and I. Jon is my other half. He accompanies me to many photoshoots and has taught me a lot of the most important skills I have in photography. He took my photography to the next level by teaching me how to edit and get this- he moved across the country, away from his home, to be with me here in Washington. He's a real gentleman. 

The last shot is one of my sisters and I with Mom. Mom is the really classy lady in the center. She's a huge inspiration for me and one of my favorite critics. Whenever I need to hear it like it is, Mom is the one I can trust to steer me in the right direction. 

Too personal? I don't know. Here's another shot of Potato. Talk again soon!


All photos by Jon, except that nasty sunset selfie and the two of us photographed by my brother. ;)